Friday, November 13, 2009

Hardly Abstract Forest Dunescape

My, goodness gracious, how lax I've been in keeping up this blog. Painting is a harsh mistress. Happy to show you the result though:

ralf kwaaknijd, abstract dunescape ii, 2009

Hardly Abstract Forest Dunescape I (own work, 200 x 260 cm * acrylic and mixed media * 2009)

After the experimental thread on diminishing size and contra-indicative abstractification in the Dunescape series, I decided to return to painting from the basic -though pretty much obsolete, philosophically speaking- figurative perspective. Sometimes old flasks need to be replenished before new frontiers can be crossed, so to say.

This outdated approach I deemed to work best with the exaggerated sizes that are still so prevalent in the modern musea. So there. Gagosian immediately expressed an interest, but the work is not for sale, since later generations will no doubt ridicule it as traditionalist cliché. Nonetheless, some cliché is necessary in any art work, or it becomes unrecognizable as such (like demonstrated in the Hidden in Plain Sight series).

I'm considering donating this work for a charity auction.

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