Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chestnut Mare Zebra and Esthetic Bankrupty

ralf kwaaknijd, chestnut mare zebra, 2012
Chestnut Mare Zebra
(own work, 150 x 80 x 150 cm * ceramic and porcelain * 2012)

Jeff Koons' Ushering in Banality has to be the epitome of postmodernism's inevitable emptiness, leading to Esthetic Bankruptcy. No doubt the visual art critics responsible for the Postmodern Air Bubble will claim this is Koons' deeper deep! We are impressed. To the child not in the emperor's court it's just a practical visual joke, with a shallow punchline, based on word play through the title. If ever sculptures were competing to demonstrate the need for postpostmodernism, this one would win first prize.

Recent exponential growth of superficiality in art has forced me to abandon my apoliticality. Behold therefore the Chestnut Mare Zebra in all her magnificent glory.

ralf kwaaknijd, chestnut mare, 2012

I have put in a request to one of the owners of a version of Ushering in Banality to put the Chestnut Mare Zebra in the same room and then flatten both sculptures with a road roller. The request is being considered.

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