Thursday, January 29, 2009

Abstract Dunescape i

ralf kwaaknijd, abstract dunescape i, 2008

Abstract Dunescape i (own work, 8 x 12 cm * mixed media * 2008)

The abstractification in the Dunescape series is a quintessential ingredient in the reunification of abstract expressionism with earlier landscape traditions. The increased monetary influence on art has made size an important element of contemporary art.

I repeat from the earlier Dunescape post:
To emphasize the stampcollectorality of the current art world, I'm putting up a particularly fine selection from the Dunescape series. Each can be acquired for a mere €5000. However, the entire lot of 4 Dunescapes will be sold for €19995. Art investors, this is a unique opportunity to add a real Kwaaknijd to your collection. There are only a few Dunescapes out there, and most owners aren't selling any time soon. This offer ends 1 March 2009, so don't hesitate too long.
More Dunescape series in the coming posts.

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