Saturday, January 24, 2009

Man Woman 2 in the Saatchi Online Gallery

Well, I've discovered this wonderful platform for postpostmodernism: the Saatchi Showdown competition!!!!!!!!!

You will be pleased to note that Man Woman 2 received over 659 votes, with an average of 7.04 on a scale of 10 (last time I looked, which was 8 hours before closing).

I had added a nice postpostmodern text, but it seems irretrievably lost after the online election is closed. Perhaps I can reconstruct it a little bit from memory:

Ralf Kwaaknijd, Man Woman 2, 2008

Man Woman 2(own work, 4 x 4 x 6 cm * polyethylene and brass on wood * 2009)

`The Man Woman series deconstructs the postmodern belief in sex as raison d'etre. The series also tackles the absurdly large size of contemporary sculpture. In contemporary art, anything can be made into art as long as it is huge. On the purely aesthetic level, the sculpture addresses the ambiguous relation between man and woman: are they locked in struggle or in dance?'


Another picture of the same work:

Ralf Kwaaknijd, Man Woman 2, 2008

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