Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Mondrianification series

ralf kwaaknijd, mondrianification of train window, 2008

Mondrianification of Train Window (own work, 100 x 140 cm * mixed media * 2008)

ralf kwaaknijd, mondrianification of Tennis Timetable, 2008

Mondrianification of Tennis Timetable (Own work, 100 x 140 cm * mixed media * 2008)

Mondrianify your life. See Him everywhere. Such is the influence of a Great Artist on our times. Piet Mondriaan did not just paint bare stripes and rectangles in primary, He changed our concept and perception of rectangularity and balance, brought it on a Zen level. In honour of this great achievement, I have started the Mondrianification series.

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