Saturday, January 31, 2009

Semi-abstract Dunescape i and ii

ralf kwaaknijd, semiabstract dunescape i, 2008

Semi-abstract Dunescape ii (own work, 8 x 11 cm * mixed media * 2008)

The Dunescape series is a quintessential ingredient in the reunification of abstract expressionism with earlier landscape traditions. Above we see the first halfway abstractification in the same postpostmodernly deprecating size, below the second

ralf kwaaknijd, semiabstract dunescape ii, 2009

Semi-abstract Dunescape ii (own work, 8 x 10 cm * mixed media * 2009)

I repeat from the earlier Dunescape post:
To emphasize the stampcollectorality of the current art world, I'm putting up a particularly fine selection from the Dunescape series. Each can be acquired for a mere €5000. However, the entire lot of 4 Dunescapes will be sold for €19995. Art investors, this is a unique opportunity to add a real Kwaaknijd to your collection. There are only a few Dunescapes out there, and most owners aren't selling any time soon. This offer ends 1 March 2009, so don't hesitate too long.
The Dunescape series will be continued in later posts, without the sales opportunity.

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